YOU & ME : the Scrappies

YOU & ME : the Scrappies

You want something special for your dearest? Let us make a pair of unique, cute little figurines for yourself and your sweetheart.


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My name is Ulrich Schwanitz and I would like to introduce to you the sculpture »You & Me« from the »Scrappies« figurine family. It represents love, affection and mutual commitment - emotions that everyone values and never lose their significance.

The »Scrappies« are inspired by everything you can find in a scrapyard: old nuts and bolts, tin cans, pipes, coils, parts of ball bearings.

But they are actually manufactured in a totally different, novel »3D printing« process. Each of them is made in one piece from fine metal powders. Check the Updates page for the details.

I had initially made the »You & Me« sculpture as a unique gift for our 30th wedding anniversary, but when Christiane placed the Scrappies on her office desk, her collegues loved them so much that we thought why not share it and make it available to others.

Therefore, and for a limited time, I am offering you my work here on IndieGoGo, outside of the traditional channels of exhibiting and selling art. Each figurine will be customized with your initials of choice. I will make and ship a unique »You & Me« sculpture for every supporter, be it one or many.

What's in it for YOU

You want to surprise your loved one with something truly unique and special? Or give your friends an individual, creative wedding gift? Then here is your chance: become a sponsor of my campaign and secure yourself one of these cute »Scrappies« figurines. Just check out the perks – there is something for every budget.

This is a Flexible Funding campaign and there is no minimum funding needed to let the project to go ahead. I guarantee that all perk'ed items will be shipped to even the smallest number of supporters. No matter how successful the project is, I will never mass-produce and every figurine will always be individually manufactured to make sure each one is truly unique.

What we need & what you get

For me, the most important thing about this campaign is to spread the word about what I do and to share my work with you. The money from your perks will go into manufacturing each sculpture and shipping out the rewards to my supporters.

All time- and cost-intensive preparation has already been completed. The necessary digital designs are finished and I have samples of all sizes and material variations standing on my workbench. So I don’t even need a minimum number of supporters or money to get the project going. The only I thing I do need are

People that like the design as much as I do, are intrigued by the unique manufacturing process and cannot wait to hold such a one-of-a-kind item in their hands.

Of course I hope for a fantastic response from you, our supporters. If the »You & Me – Scrappies« do become overwhelmingly successful, I plan to bundle some of the processing into larger runs and will be able to make some profit from the project. Depending on your response, you might even see me here again with future works.

You are wholeheartedly invited to support my project. There is a choice of rewards suitable for every budget. Take a look at the perks and if you have any questions, please let me know. Below you can already find some information about the different materials and sizes available:

Bronze-infused steel

Eternal LoveEternal Love: This is the original and most valuable design. The two figurines, 3.5" (8.5 cm) high, will look beautiful anywhere, be it on your desk or in your living room. They can stand individually or be connected by their jigsaw-puzzle-shaped pedestal.

Like any of the other models, both the boy and the girl will carry an initial of your choice. We will never produce more than 99 copies of the original, full-size "Eternal Love" sculpture. So if you reserve one, it will probably be the only one in the world with that specific letter combination.

signaturenumberedThe original edition of »You & Me« is limited to 99 copies that are signed and numbered on the boy's pedestal.

Other full-size pictures are available at the gallery page.

Bronze LoveBronze Love: This is a smaller variant of the bronze sculpture. The figurines are each 2" (5 cm) high – the ideal size and shape to be worn on a keychain or as a necklace. They will also be equipped with the two letters of your choice.

925 Sterling silver

Silver LoveSilver Love: Two small pendants, 1" (2.5 cm) high. These figurines make up a cute small pair and can comfortably be worn as a pair of earrings or around your neck.

The small silver pendants retain a surprising level of detail that is similar to the original design at a quarter of the size.


True LoveTrue LoveTrue Love: Alumide is a composite material from fine Aluminium powder and Polyamide plastic. The model has the same size as the original design. The manufacturing process is less complex and therefore less costly. The figurines are also lighter than the ones from real metal.


Pop Art LoveBeginning LoveI would be thrilled about any contribution. So even if you can only afford a few dollars, you can receive a special and unique reward for helping me with this project.
Polyamide is a light Nylon plastic that is available in several colors. The figurines are pretty light but still suitable as a keychain or pendant.

Other Ways You Can Help

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. I am glad I caught your interest and would love to read your comments and suggestions.

So if you liked what you saw, please help me spread the word and let your friends and family know about my project. Thanks again.


The fine print

Prices shown include shipping to the US. For delivery to EU countries, please add 20% (=19% VAT + 1% shipping) as indicated in the perk descriptions. For other countries, please contact me. Import duties may apply.

All items will be made to order. After receipt of payment, the delivery time is about 4 weeks for metallic items and 3 weeks for plastic items. Keyrings and chains are not included with the pendants.

Paypal payments, including those made with credit cards as Paypal guest, will be immediate. Other credit card payments will only be released when the campaign ends. For credit card payments, delivery is delayed until 3 weeks after the end of the campaign.


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